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David Harari

Founder & CEO

Prior to founding Bloom Ventures, David Harari has had over 10+ years of real estate experience as the Director of Acquisitions and Financing for Prime Group US, a privately held real estate development and investment company with holdings over $1 billion in Florida. Harari oversaw the acquisition and business development of land, hospitality, commercial and residential sectors. Due to years of real estate and hospitality experience, Harari has escalated his success by investing with various multi-faceted companies and real estate holdings. Currently, Harari is the exclusive Israeli representative of Rok Lending—a generational family office focused on private equity and bridge financing for real estate projects.

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Demian Perelmuter

Asset Manager

Demian comes with an extensive background in real estate finance and investments. Demian has led several large organizations  with the underwriting, equity structuring, and due diligence processes for acquisitions in assets such as retail, office, and multifamily. His experience includes managing and leading a diverse portfolio of assets valued at $450M, spanning retail, multifamily, and single-family homes in key markets such as Florida, Seattle, Virginia, and Texas. He excels in financial analysis, tracking monthly financials, and preparing comprehensive investor reports to communicate progress effectively. Additionally, he has completed the Wells Fargo Bank Financial Credit Analyst Training Program, enhancing his skills in credit risk analysis, debt structuring, and financial modeling. Demian is highly sophisticated using financial models to forecast cash flows, valuations, and exit strategies. Demian is a proud graduate from the University of Florida with a degree in BBA, Real Estate.

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Paul Ratzenberg

Project Manager

Paul was Director of Operations with Fume LLC and directed a sales team which led to increased revenue year over year from $15 Million in 2021 to $350 Million in 2022. With over a decade of experience in project management and a proven track record in Event Production working with LiveNation Entertainment, Paul brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Passionate about transforming visions into reality, he thrives on the challenges of the dynamic real estate industry. Paul is committed to delivering excellence and exceeding expectations every step of the way. Paul is dedicated to guiding clients through the exciting journey of real estate development, where possibilities become prosperity. Paul is graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Business and Communications.

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Yuval Ayalon

Marketing Manager

Yuval Ayalon is a seasoned marketing manager with a decade of expertise in digital marketing, specializing in all organic and sponsored Google products. With a passion for driving results and maximizing ROI, Yuval skills flourish the dynamic landscape of property investment marketing. His strategic approach and understanding of market trends enable him to develop innovative marketing campaigns tailored to the unique needs of the property investment industry. With a deep knowledge of Google's suite of products, Yuval excels in crafting targeted strategies that elevate brand visibility, drive qualified leads, and foster long-term growth. As a trusted leader in his field, Yuval is committed to delivering impactful marketing solutions that propel property investment companies towards success in today's competitive market.

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