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About Bloom Ventures

Established as a House of Brands, Bloom Ventures is a global investment firm that targets multifaceted and diversified investments. We offer businesses and investors a haven for opportunity, growth, and innovation in Israel and the United States. Accomplished as a

two-world and solution-based firm, this approach is what sets us apart in the real estate, technology, and venture capital markets. 


Bloom Ventures drew inspiration from nature itself as it was discovered from Israel’s rich soil that mirrors the lush entrepreneurial expansion of big tech and real estate companies worldwide. Israel is undoubtedly the “start-up nation” of our time. Just like start-ups continue to bloom in Israel, we aim to venture further. By growing relationships organically, Bloom’s foundation is like Israel’s never-changing seasons: a dependable firm whose connection to Israel thrives with opportunity in the United States. 


Operating through this wide-range approach of networking, connecting, and accessing tools and possibilities in the United States allows our team to provide strategic investing methods within our niche areas that we also offer to Israeli partners and clients. 


At Bloom, we devote our time to mentor and prepare each investment criteria. In doing so, our firm evaluates all calculated risks and proceeds with the proper insight at a global level. This is what makes Bloom Ventures versatile.


This is what makes us one-of-a-kind!


Our Strategy

At Bloom Ventures, our mission is to provide advisory to our esteemed clients and guide them through smart, strategic investments. In yielding the best outcomes, Bloom clients will experience our work with due diligence, loyalty, and diversity in our vast & detailed approach. Mentoring for success is our goal, and we aim to treat your dollar as if it is our own.  


This is why we have chosen to tailor to three different branches:

Real Estate Equity

We are a real estate investment firm focused on value-adding, mix-use investments consisting of hotel, office, industrial, multifamily, and creative development projects. 

Real Estate Debt

Bloom Ventures is the exclusive partner of Rok Lending, a leading private lender based in Miami. For over 50 years, the Rok family has grown exponentially, from becoming one of the principal stockholders of a local bank to one of the biggest landlords in Downtown Miami. From 2008 to 2013, Rok purchased over $500 million of distressed debt and financed over $200 million in real estate loans. Hence, Rok’s bridge-lending methods are highly admired by Bloom. As a private lender, our focus is to finance residential and commercial real estate projects in the United States.

Technology Investments

Within its vast network of opportunity, Bloom Ventures has worldwide exclusive access to both tech start-ups as well as turnkey disruptive investment opportunities originated in both Israel and the United States.  


Meet The Team

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