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Our Services

Investment Strategy & Management

Our investment advising will guide and administer access to companies with opportunities such as unique start-up tech companies and exclusive real estate equity and debt investment projects. What’s the advantage? As a “strategic investor,” our platform can bridge the gap between Israel and the United States by connecting our three branches within both regions. Opening up the U.S. market by synergizing companies with our network can yield big sales and connect clients with notable partnerships in the United States. As a result, the company’s value will ultimately rise, and our investment will blossom, creating a higher multiple on the importance of our original investment. 



Bloom’s efforts and goals are to create solutions for your investments. Our investment methods are executed through different projects that benefit your financial plan. We adhere to the principle of success and align with your interests when devising investment solutions.



Allocation is imperative at Bloom Ventures. Our diversification service reduces exposure to high-risk investing through calculated and strategized methods. Currently, our investments are highly diversified in over ten different asset classes or sectors, including but not limited to real estate projects—such as hotels, warehouses, and offices—making us a diverse and eccentric investor. 

Capital Markets

Our investments have been executed with precision and familiarity with local markets through our overseas partnerships. Because of our assorted range of assets in the United States, current or future partners and clients benefit from our track record of calculated and knowledgeable results in investments. 

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